Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bryan Chang 09 PACC Questions

1)In the future when we have to apply for a job or if it is just chatting with an old friend,we have to know the PACC so that we know what to say and how to deliver the message to the other party in different situations.We might have greater opportunities in life and we would be able to make friends easily.

2)First, I would try to get attention politely by saying 'Excuse,me'.When my classmate has acknowledged me, I would express my views.While I express why he is wrong,I should not shoot down his points but instead say what I think that he should do such that I do not offend him.

3)We might deliver our message wrongly and as a result unknowingly offend him or her.For example, if we are having an interview and we speak loudly and arrogantly, you would give the interviewers a bad impression of yourself.This might even result in losing friends because he thinks that you are insulting him.

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  1. 1)It is important to apply PACC because the register(formal or informal)will depend on the audience.Tone depends on purpose and context.So,we will not be able to communicate effectively.
    2)If I oppose a certain view,I must let the class know in a polite manner.The register needs to be formal and tone should be polite,respectful and not offending or demeaning.For content,phrases like 'I beg to differ','In my humble opinion',etc may be used.
    3)If tone and register are used wrongly,the end result of the discussion will be disastrous.We need to keep in mind that even though we hold a different opinion,we need to be polite yet firm.We cannot hurt or demean others,in this case our friends.This in turn will damage relationships.