Sunday, 20 January 2013

EL Homework for today

Example 1:
Making a friend in SST
Purpose: To make friends
Audience: The person who I want to make friends with
Content: I wanted to have friends
Example dialogue: Hi, my name is Jian Qing. Can I be your friend?

Example 2:
Disagreeing with the teacher
Purpose: To tell the teacher that you disagrees with him/her
Audience: The teacher
Content: The teacher calculated a maths question wrongly
Example dialogue: Mrs lee, the answer for this question is 68, not 78.

Example 3:
Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose: To ask how to go to a place
Audience: A stranger
Content: I wanted to know how to go to Punggol Plaza
Example dialogue: Excuse me, may I know how to go to Punggol Plaza?

Example 4:
Praising someone's work
Purpose: To praise a work
Audience: The person whose work I want to praise
Content: My friend drew a beautiful picture.
Example dialogue: Wow, the drawing is so nice!

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