Sunday, 20 January 2013

EL PACC Activity

1. Making Friends In SST:

  • Purpose: To make friends with classmates
  • Audience: Same aged strangers
  • Context: I was at a new school and want to get to know the people here
  • I.E Dialogue: "Hi, I'm Pei Ling. What's your name?" (Informal)

2. Disagreeing with the Teacher:

  • Purpose: To persuade the teacher that your opinions are correct
  • Audience: Teacher
  • Context: Explaining and justifying your opinions and points
  • I.E Dialogue: "Teacher, I don't think that it is right as ...*reason*..." (Formal)
3. Asking a Stranger for Directions:
  • Purpose: To ask a stranger for directions to a location
  • Audience: An unknown person (Stranger)
  • Context: Asking for directions
  • I.E Dialogue: "Hello, can you give me directions to *place*? Thank you!" (Formal)

4. Praising Someone's Work: 
  • Purpose: To praise someone who did well in something
  • Audience: Friend? Classmate?
  • Context: Saying that the person did well in what and how
  • I.E. Dialogue: "Great job!" (Informal)
Let's Fly B1A4~! 

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