Sunday, 20 January 2013

Linoit Homework Bryan Chang

1.Praising someone's work
Purpose- To praise the the individual for doing a good job on their work
Audience- The person who did the work
Context- I was very pleased as the person had done exceptionally well and I want to encourage him to do better next time.
Dialogue- Nice! You got the highest score for the test!

2.Making a friend in SST
Purpose- To make friends with another student in SST
Audience- A student from SST
Context- I was lonely
Dialogue- Hi! Nice to meet you. What's your name?

3.Disagreeing with the teacher
Purpose- To disagreeing with the teacher on certain issue
Audience- The teacher
Context- I think that what the teacher said is wrong and I want to express this to the teacher
Dialogue- I do not think that you are right. In my opinion, I think that ......

4.Asking a stranger for directions
Purpose- To ask for directions in a unfamiliar place
Audience- A stranger
Context- I am lost and want to know how to go back to my hotel
Dialogue- May I know how to get to the 'Ploris Hotel'?

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