Sunday, 20 January 2013

My PACC work

1. Making a friend in SST.
Purpose: to make a friend at SST.
 Audience: Someone i met at SST. 
Context: I didn't know anyone at SST so i wanted to make some friends
Example: Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Sean Koh. Yours?

2.Ask a stranger for directions
Purpose: To get directions to my destination.
Audience: A stranger
Context: I didn't really know the way around the place so i was a bit lost and i hoped someone would point me in the right direction
Example: Excuse me but I don't suppose you would know where the nearest MRT station is, would you?

3.Disagreeing with a teacher.
Purpose: To speak out my thoughts that do not agree with the teacher
Audience: The teacher
Context: I seriously did not agree with the teacher's way of approach
Example: This method is not the simplest way!

4.Praising someone's work
Purpose: To complement a person's work
Audience: My friend
Context: I was really impressed by some part of his work.
Example: I really like the storyline of this composition.

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