Tuesday, 29 January 2013

P.A.C.C Questions

1. P.A.C.C. is needed to convey different messages that show all sorts of different emotions and context. Allowing for people to communicate in different ways, demonstrating the depths and emphasis on their content.
2. I would say that I did not think they were wrong but I had a different point of view and would have appreciated if they would spend some of their time considering my idea and correcting me if I was wrong.
3. It may cause the listener to interpret the message wrongly and cause unnecessary mis-understanding.

1 comment:

  1. 1. It is important to apply P.A.C.C. the register(formal or informal) will depend on the audience. Tone depends on purpose and context. So we will not be able to communicate effectively.
    2. If I oppose a certain view then I must let the class know in a polite manner. The register need to be formal and the tone should be polite, respectable and not demeaning. For content, phrases like 'I beg to differ', 'In my humble opinion', etc may be you.
    3. If tone and register are used wrongly then the end result of the discussion will be disastrous. we need to keep in mind that even though we hold a different opinion, we need to be polite yet firm. We cannot hurt or demean others. In this case our friends. this in turn will damage relationships.