Sunday, 20 January 2013


1.Making a friend in SST : Purpose - to make friend in SST
                                           Audience - the friend I am going to befriend
                                           Context - I was feeling very lonely
                                           Dialogue - "Hi my name is Vanshiqa! Do you want to be my friend?"                                                                      
2.Disagreeing with the teacher: Purpose -  to disagree with the teacher
                                                  Audience - the teacher I am going to disagree with
                                                  Context - I felt that what the teacher said was wrong and was going to              
                                                                  disagree with her.
                                                   Dialogue - " Teacher I think the answer is wrong, it should be..."
3.Asking a stranger for directions: Purpose - To get directions
                                                       Audience - The stranger
                                                      Context - I was lost and I needed directions.
                                                      Dialogue - "Excuse me, could you tell me the directions to SST?'
4. Praising someone's work: Purpose - To praise someone's work
                                             Audience - The person's work I am going to praise
                                             Context - The person's work was really good so I wanted to praise it
                                             Dialogue - " Wow! I think your work is really good."

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