Sunday, 20 January 2013


Making a friend in SST
Purpose : To get to know one another.
Audience: Friend
Context: It was the first day in SST , I met someone during the orientation and we became friends.
Example Dialogue: ''Hi , how are you? '' (informal)

Disagreeing with teacher
Purpose: To tell the teacher what I disagree with.
Audience: Teacher
Context: To come to an agreement on something that we disagree on.
Example Dialogue: ''Sorry teacher,but I don't agree on this,'' (formal)

Asking a stranger for direction
Purpose: To get directions to the destination I want to go.
Audience: Stranger
Context:  I am trying to find the direction for the place I am going.
Example Dialogue: ''Hi , may I ask where is the MRT.'' (formal)

Praising someone's work
Purpose: To praise someone for his/her good work.
Audience: The person that has done a great job.
Context: I am trying to,to praise someone for his/her good work.
Example Dialogue: '' Good job." (informal)

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