Sunday, 20 January 2013


Making Friends in SST 
Purpose:To make friends
Audience:people in SST
Context:Feeling lonely
Example Dialogue:"Hi.What's your name?"
Praising Someone's work
Purpose:to praise someone's work
Audience:That particular person's work
Context:The person did really well in his/her work
Example Dialogue:"Wow.You did really well in your work"
Asking a Stranger for directions
Purpose:to ask a stranger for directions
Audience:The stranger
Context:I did not know the way
Example Dialogue:"Excuse me...Could you tell me how to go to' _________'"
Disagreeing with a teacher
Purpose:To disagree with  a teacher
Audience:The teacher
Context:The teacher may be wrong
Example Dialogue:"Miss '_____'....I think your answer for question '______'is wrong"

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