Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Personal Recount Lesson 1

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I need all of you to identify a famous person who inspires you. Become familiarised with your chosen hero's life. When you do your research pay special attention to character traits, qualities that inspire others, actions, acts of bravery/commendation and other positive attributes.

In teams of 4/5, you are to take turns to impersonate your hero and be in the hot seat (max 5 mins)   while the rest of the team ask the person in the hot seat questions about the hero's life and take notes.

At the end of the hot seating activity, each team identifies common traits, qualities, actions etc that make a person inspiring and prepare a keynote presentation (of max 3 mins) to present to the class.

Points to note: 
Be prepared before you present.
Do not just read from your slides.
Revise the guidelines for public speaking before presenting.
Do not merely list down the achievements or contributions. 

So, get started on your research! All the best!


Miss Esha