Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Your Task for 10th Jan (Thursday) (11:05 - 11:55)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I will be away for today's lesson. So, as discussed earlier, I would like you to work on the presentation. I am providing the details again. You can also find these details on the worksheet we completed yesterday on the discourse features of spoken language.

Details of Assignment

In pairs:

- Look for a video clip on the Internet that could be used as an example of unplanned spoken language.

- Analyse the spoken interaction in the clip.

- Identify three discourse features (refer to the 7 examples you have already learnt) of the spoken language delivered in this clip.

- Suggest possible reasons as to why each discourse feature was used by the interlocutor (a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation).

- Optional: State if there are any underlying assumptions.

- Presentation Task: Post a link of the video clip and share the analysis on this EL Blog.


If you are unable to complete this assignment in class, we will continue with it in the next lesson.


Please bring the worksheet on discourse features of spoken language on Friday for submission.


Ms Esha

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