Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Intro to... Narratives

Why Do I Think Planning A Plot Structure And The Sequencing Of Details Are Important Before I Write A Narrative.

Planning a plot helps you do many things that just making one up as you write does not. Such as creating a twist. If you do not plan your plot first, you cannot make the plot build up to the twist. Or perhaps you just want to make your plot follow chronological order, without planning it will be excessively difficult. The sequencing of details help create a more suspenseful effect, which in turn will make your story much better. Suspense ,after all, makes your reader want to continue reading. By slowly adding the details of the story instead of just throwing all the details in one big splat. After all, everyone wants their stories to be read.

In conclusion, these 2 are vital to a good story. As long as they are used properly, they can prove to be  powerful tools to a writer.

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