Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Proud Teenager (Jian Qing, Walter, Chin Ning, Victoria)

A Proud Teenager
Appearance: Scrawny, tall and well-dressed.
Specific Behaviour: Purposely wears branded clothes to school and talk in a high-pitched tone
Actions: Struts , sticks nose up in the air
Emotions: Short-tempered when he does not get what he wants
Thoughts: Always thinking of ways to snub others
Speech: Always showing off his personal possessions. EG: Look at my new watch! It is gold plated and costs over $1000!
Others’ opinion: Is very proud, spoilt, behaves like a brat, pampered, unfriendly, snobby, irritating

Paragraph: _______________ does his usual routine of strutting around the class, showing off his latest new watch. Being scrawny, but tall and extremely well-dressed, he stood out from what he calls ‘commoners’ .“ Look! My dad bought this watch for me the moment it was released into the market! He forked out $1000 just for this watch, but nothing is too much for me!” he boasts, with his nose high up in the air. Some swooned over the expensive and classy new watch, while others ostracised him. “What a brat. So spoilt, and proud! I bet he wants to snub us, that’s the only reason why he shows off all his new clothes, watches and more!” They gossiped in hushed voices.

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