Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Conflict (Chin Ning)

1- Identify the character vs character conflicts

  • The ugly duckling got ostracized because he was not like the ducklings, instead of yellow downy head, he has a white furry one, hence the ducklings called him ugly.
  • As he went into the forest, he could not fit in with the other birds as he honks, while they do not. The ugly duckling also 'stole' their food (worm) and got chased away by the mother bird.
  • When he found the wooden decoy, he thought he finally found a friend, as the wooden decoy did not 'ostracize' him. (because the it's fake. . .) But as the ugly duckling as playing, he knocked himself on the wooden decoy, hence he had a mentality the decoy also hated him.

2- What is the major problem in the story?
Ans: The ugly duckling thought badly of himself, and thought that the reason others ostracized him was because he was ugly, when in actual fact, was because he was different from the others. (unique)

3- How does another character create conflict in the story?
Ans: The antagonist can create conflicts in the story by opposing or being against the main character in different ways.

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