Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Descriptive paragraph (the old house)

At the middle of Boring street stood the old abandoned house.It had been vacant for at least fifty years.To look at it was a sore to the eyes. It was so dilapidated that no one wanted to live in there.It's roof was crooked and it looked like as if it was frowning at the street.The door of the house looked like as if it was the mouth of the house and it seemed to be groaning.The interior of the house was no better.Cobwebs hung at every corner in the house.Thick layers of dust covered everything in the house.The garden outside was a mess of overgrown weeds.The house is so run-down that people do not even go to the street it is in.


  1. The story describes the physcial appearance of the house well but u shld also describe other senses