Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Questions on Conflicts - PeiLing(:

1. Identify the character vs character conflicts

The ugly duckling v The other ducklings/ducks
The ugly duckling v Marshbirds
The ugly duckling v Wooden duck

2. What is the major problem in the story?

The problem is that the ugly duckling (or little swan) was born into a duck family and was different from the others. Thus, his parents and fellow ducks didn't like him because of his difference from them.

Update: The ugly duckling has a lack of self esteem [self conflict], and the other ducks/ducklings found it difficult to accept a duck that is different from them.

3. How does another character create conflict in the story?

The other character, the wooden duck caused conflict by bringing harm to the ugly duckling. (Referring to the part where the ugly duckling knocked his head on the wooden duck.

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