Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hotel Transylvania

Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

Here are the details for today's task:

1. Watch a clip from the popular animated film 'Hotel Transylvania'.

2. Based on what you see on the film clip, plan your own hotel for any one of the following species of monsters:

A. Zombies
B. Vampires
C. Werewolves
D. Any other monster species of your choice

3. Your plan must be presented in the form of a brochure which you have to design on your computer. Your brochure must present the following details about your hotel:

A. Monster species allowed
B. Location and description of the surrounding areas
C. Facilities for the chosen monster species
    E.g. food, drinks, activities and entertainment
D. Safety features to keep humans at bay

4. Upload your brochures on the EL blog.


Miss Esha

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