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Work for Today's Lesson (July 24)

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Please do the following preparatory work for informal letter writing in today's lesson:

1. Visit the following link:

2. Download and go through the Situational Writing Slides - Common Rhetorical Strategies.ppt file.

3. Download Informal Letter Task with Question Analysis Template.doc and complete the planning template section. DO NOT write the letter yet.


Miss Esha

Monday, 22 July 2013

Persuasion Tactics ( Done by: Kevyn, Yadunand and Sandeep)

I was in Primary 5. My sister, when she was at my age, could use a phone. According to my mom, its purpose was solely for my sister to use at her tuition. But she treated it like her own and my mom said nothing. I mentioned it to my mom a lot of times and also asked for a phone myself but kept getting rejected. Even when I had tuition, my mom did not let me have a phone to bring around. After PSLE, my mom finally was willing to let me have a phone.

I was in Primary 6. I made a deal with my parents. If I hit 245 for my PSLE, I must get a Xbox 360. After a bit of persuasion, they agreed as I was aiming to beat my brothers PSLE marks. I got 246. In the end I got my Xbox 360.
Rhetorical Device used: Deal & persuasion

1)I was in primary 6.
2) I made a deal with my parents that if I got 255 and above, they would let me go to Universal Studios.
3) Fortunately, I got 257. As my parents had promised, I finally managed to go to Universal Studios.

Tactic Used: Deal

Rhetorical devices

Enumeration - makes a point with details - Renovation included a spa, tennis court, pool and lounge. 
Allusion-reference or relation to and object, a person or an event
Amplification- repeats a word or expression for emphasis

Rhetorical devices by Walter, Sean and Nimalan

Substitution of a part or a substance for a whole, one thing for another, or a specific name used for a generic: “A hundred head of cattle were scattered throughout the field”; “A regiment of horse paraded by”; “The swordsmen unsheathed their steel”; “Do you have a Kleenex?”
A series of adjectives, also known as accumulatio, compiled often in the service of criticism: “You’re the most arrogant, selfish, self-absorbed, insufferable narcissist I’ve ever met!”
The repetition of a word at the end of each phrase or clause: “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Rhetorical Devices by Siting, Claire, Bhakti and Seraphina

A series of three parallel words, phrases, clauses, or statements: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

A series of adjectives, also known as accumulatio, compiled often in the service of criticism: “You’re the most arrogant, selfish, self-absorbed, insufferable narcissist I’ve ever met!”

Repetition of two or more forms of a word; also known as paregmenon: “You try to forget, and in the forgetting, you are yourself forgotten.”

Rhetorical Devices (Bryan, Hng Anh and Jer En)

Repeats a word or expression for emphasis (E.g. Love, real love, takes time)

Places a criticism and compliment together to lessen the impact (E.g. The car is not pretty but it runs great.)

An exaggeration (E.g. I have done this a thousand times.)

Rhetorical Devices (PL, CN and Vic)

Simile - Compares one object to another
- as easy as ABC

Understatement - Makes an idea seem less important
- The hurricane disrupted traffic

Parallelism - Using words with similar structures
- I went to the store, parked the car and bought a pizza.

Informal Persuation (by: Siting, Claire, Bhakti and Seraphina)

  1. I was very keen in learning how to solve the rubik's cube and had to persuade my father to buy me one
  2. I promised him that I would work hard for my level tests and other exams if he got me a rubik's cube.'
  3. My father agreed within seconds because he believed that I would keep my word and work hard for the exams 
  4. Category: Promise
  1. I really wanted to have a new phone for my birthday so I tried to persuade my parents to buy me a new phone.
  2. I made a deal with them such that if I do well for my end-of-year exams, they will buy me a new phone.
  3. They agreed after going through consideration for a short while ~ :D
  4. Category: Deal

    1. I wanted to go for a badminton training so I tried to persuade my parents to let me go. They did not let me go at first because it was to far away.
    2. I promised them that i would not waste their money and work very hard for badminton.
    3. They agreed to me after a while, about 30 minutes. 
Category: Deal

  1. I was trying to persuade my mother to take my sister and I to a restaurant for lunch. 
  2. I told her how we did not have a good lunch for a long time together as a family, and that we only ate in a restaurant once in a while, therefore it was fine to spend some money that day. I also told her how hungry I was as it was after badminton training. 
  3. My mom said yes after we got out of the car. It took her about 15 minutes to agree.
  4. Category: Others

Informal Persuasion (Vanshiqa, Laviin, Colin)


  1. Emotional appeal
  2. Threat
  3. Promise
  4. Deal
  5. Others
Vanshiqa: Me and my sister wanted a bicycle each instead of sharing one. So I told my mother that if she would not buy us a separate bicycle we would fight over one cycle and break it (Threat). I also told her that my sister would use the cycle all the time and not let me ride it, so I would very sad (Emotional Appeal). So in the end, me and my sister promised that if she got us a bicycle each, we would not fight for a week and she agreed (Promise).

Colijn: I just told my mother about then new iPad and its features that are useful to me.(other: promote)
If I had the iPad I could improve on my studies.(Deal) She rejected.

Laviin: I wanted to watch the movie "the wolverine" for  my birthday. Hence, I used emotional appeal on my parents by saying it would be very significant as it was on my birthday. They accepted.

Informal Persuasion ( Bryan, Hng Anh and Jer En )

Bryan Chang :

I asked my parents to buy me a Xbox 360 for beating my brother's marks for PSLE. In the end, they did buy me an Xbox because I hit the goal.

Tactics :
It is a deal and it is against people's minds to break one. I gave reasons and used a persuasive voice.

Hng Anh :

I ask my parents to buy me a pair of new sports shoes so that I could wear them to school as my old pair of school shoes have worn out and was uncomfortable. My parents bought me a new pair of sports shoe when there was a sale at a shoe shop.

Tactics : I used a persuasive voice to convince them that I need the new pair shoes.

Jer En :

I asked my classmates to lend me money for my lunch.My friend gave in and lend me 5$

Tactics :I made a persuasive voice like i needed the money a lot.

Category :

Bryan : 1, 4

Hng Anh : 1

Jer En : 1

Informal Persuasions[Done by Ravern,Jian Qing and Taufiq]

Situation #1:Because of my PSLE results,I wanted a IPhone 4S.I tried to persuade my parents but it was unsuccessful.Thus, we reached a compromise and I got my father's old IPhone 3GS.I took 5 min.

Situation #2:Because of my mid-year exam marks,I persuaded my parent to buy for me a rubiks cube that costed $17.90.It took me about 3 days.

Situation #3:I wanted to buy a game.I made a promise with my parents saying that I will get the game if I get 250+ for my PSLE results.It was successful.It took me a few minutes after I got my PSLE score.

#2 belongs to the category Deal.
#3 belongs to the category, promise
#1 belongs the category, compromise.

Informal Persuasion by Walter, Sean and Nimalan

Nimalan: Persuading parents to buy him a lego car.
Used emotional appeal.(no. 1)
10s of saying "Please, please, please, please, please..."
Sean:Persuading parents to have dinner outside. 
Used bias reasoning(no. 5 others)
10mins of constant reasoning
Walter:Persuading parents to bring me overseas.
Used emotional appeal.(no.1)
Half a year

Informal Persuasion (PL, CN and Vic)


CN : Trade (others)
I had to make a ‘trade’ with my parents. There was once I wanted a piano, so it was my birthday and christmas present for the whole year.
Duration: 2 months

Vic: Promise
I promised my parents I would do well in my studies if only they bought me a new guitar.
Duration: 1 week

PL:  Deal

I wanted to go to a SHINee concert so my dad would pay for me first, and I told him if I got straight As and Distinction (HCL) for my results, I wouldn’t have to pay him back. But if I got something like B, I would have to pay him back the full sum. (I didn’t pay in the end xD)
Duration: 5 minutes

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Scenarios of Informal Email (Walter Koh, Jian Qing and Sandeep)

Explanation of Scenario: Hng Anh is very addicted to real racing. He needs to stop his addiction so he can concentrate more on his studies and avoid injury.(a paragraph for studies and for his injury)
Purpose: To persuade Hng Anh not to keep playing Real Racing as he is addicted to the game.
Audience: Hng Anh
Context: Hng Anh will always play Real Racing during recess and lunch, or when he is free. He refuses to stop gaming and it has escalated out of control.

Tone and Register: Informal

Scenarios of informal email (Laviin, Nimalan, Colin)

Explanation of scenario: A friend does not want to follow me to an outing. e.g Sentosa
Purpose: It is to persuade my friend to come for the outing
Audience: My friend who does not want to come for the outing
Context: persuasive
Tone & register: Informal, friendly, polite

Scenarios of Informal Email ( Hng Anh, Sean and Bryan )


To convince a friend, Jian Qing, to exercise during weekends
Jian Qing
Explain the pros of exercise and the consequences of not exercising
Tone and register
Informal and persuasive

Scenarios of Informal Emails (Ravern, Taufiq, Yadunand and Kevyn)

Scenario: You are to write an informal email to persuade your friend to come to you to a theme park during the weekend. However, he wants to watch a football match.
Purpose: To persuade your friend to come with you to a theme park
Audience: your friend
Context: Persuasive Informal Email
Tone & Register: Informal, persuasive

Scenarios of Informal Email (Vic, PL and CN)

Explanation of Scenario: Writing to a pen pal overseas to come to Singapore

Purpose: To persuade him/her to come to Singapore
Audience: Pen pal
Context: Greeting, purpose of email, body, conclusion, ending
Tone and register: Informal, lighthearted, polite

Scenarios of Informal Email by Siting, Claire and Seraphina

Explanation of scenario:
My birthday is coming and my parents decided to throw a party for me, I want to invite my friends to my birthday party which would be held at a bowling alley. 

Purpose: Inviting a friend for a birthday party.
Audience: My friend
Context: Greeting, venue, date and time, activities, what food would be provided.
Tone and register: Informal

Language Feature of Informal Email by Sim Hng Anh

Language Features of Informal Email by Walter

Language features of informal email (Siting)

With love,


Language Features of Informal Email by Sandeep

Chee Jer En informal email

Language Features of Informal email- Bhakti

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Language features of informal emails

Language features of Informal Email [ clairetham ]

Informal Emails(Sean Koh)

Language features of Informal Email

Language Features of Informal Emails by Taufiq

Language Features of Informal Emails (Pei Ling)

Yellow: Passive Voice
Blue: Imperative
Pink: 1st/2nd person pronoun
  • First person: I, and my
  • Second person : You
Green: Past Tense
Purple: Present Tense

Language features of Informal Email

Language Features of Informal Email

Language Features of Informal Emails by Seraphina

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Please bring your EL file tmr

Reading Dramatically by Taufiq and Kevyn

Link is HERE;

Mr Bluffingman wants a repair.

Mr Bluffingman walked to an IT shop. He stomped his feet as he entered the store, face as red as a tomato. He wanted to repair his CPU using his warranty. He wanted to talk to the salesman, and there he was, behind the counter. He asked him right in the eyes

Mr Bluffingman “Can repair my CPU? I have my warranty card right here.”

Sales Rep “I’m sorry sir, but your warranty card has expired, so I can’t accept it. If you want to repair your CPU, you have to pay for it.”

Seeing that Mr Bluffing man was very angry, the Sales Representative called in the manager.

“Sir, Mr Bluffingman here, has a spoilt CPU and wants to use his expired warranty card to repair it.”

Manager “Sorry Mr Bluffingman. Your warranty card has expired. I’m afraid we can only repair if you pay us.”

Mr Bluffingman “FINE! WHATEVER!”

Reading Dramatically (Bryan and Walter)

Dramatic reading Nimalan, Laviin and Jer En

Reading dramatically by Sandeep and Jian Qing

3.   Sales Representative refusing to repair a computer that is out of warranty.

Sandeep: Sales Representative

Jian Qing: Customer

(Jian Qing enters the room)

Sandeep: Yes Sir, may I help you?

Jian Qing: Yes please. My Macbook is force closing all of a sudden. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Is it possible for you to do something about it?

Sandeep: May I see your warranty Sir?

Jian Qing: Erm....The thing is that my warranty is over already.

Sandeep: Then I can’t help you Sir. I am really sorry but the warranty has to be valid if you want me to fix it for you.

Jian Qing: Please.....It’s only been a few months since it expired. Please....

Sandeep: I can fix it for you but you have to pay for it Sir.

Jian Qing: Why won’t you let me use my warranty?

Sandeep:  Your warranty has expired Sir. I can do nothing about it.


Sandeep: Sir, if you are going to get angry with me for this, I will have to call the police.

Jian Qing: Sigh.......but please I don’t have that much money with me. I am under a financial pressure.

Sandeep: I understand Sir. Could you give me a minute I want to speak with my manager.
(after 3 seconds)

Sandeep: My manager has decided to give you a 30% discount for the repair Sir.

Jian Qing: Thank you for your understanding.

Sandeep: No problem, Sir.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Reading Dramatically (Vanshiqa and Bhakti)

Scenario chosen: 4

Vanshiqa [Customer]
Bhakti [iPad seller]

The script:

Customer: So, what is so special about this iPad? Could you kindly explain the new features and the advantages of having one?

Seller: First of all, the iPad allows you to multitask and its features are also very good. Since it is has retina display, the pictures are also very clear because of that. It also has internet access and there are also a lot of applications that you can install.

Customer: I read from the Apple page. that there is also an iPad Mini which is smaller than the iPad and also has retina display. But is it true that the charger of the iPad mini is different from the iPad? It is the same one as the charger of the iphone 5 right?

Seller: Yes, there are different chargers for the iPad Mini and the iPad.The charger for the iPad Mini is called lightning and it is the same one as the iphone 5. So would you like to buy the iPad mini or iPad?

Customer: I think I’ll buy the iPad. Thank you for your help and the service. Goodbye

Seller: Thank you for purchasing at our store, have a nice day.

Reading dramatically (Sean and Hng Anh)


This scenario is about an iPad Seller promoting an iPad to a customer.

Salesman: Good morning sir, may I have 5 minutes of your time?


May I introduce to you the new iPad. Some people would ask, why would I prefer an iPad in comparison to the other tablets available in the market.And the answer is simple. Why you’ll love an iPad? Because it’s simple yet powerful, thin and light yet full-featured.
It also has a gorgeous Retina display. The Retina display on iPad makes everything look crisp and lifelike. Text is razor sharp. Colors are vibrant. Photos and videos are rich with detail, the best thing, it has a million more pixels than an HDTV. iPads house the new A6X chip that delivers up to twice the graphics performance, without sacrificing any battery life. Which means even the most advanced apps are smooth, responsive, and incredibly lifelike. It just begins at $658

Ok. I feel that the iPad is quite good after hearing what you said but, I feel that it is a bit too big to be brought around here and there.

Then sir, you should try the iPad mini. The iPad mini costs $448 only.It has everything you love about iPad — the beautiful screen, fast and fluid performance, FaceTime and iSight cameras, thousands of amazing apps, 10-hour battery life— is everything you’ll love about iPad mini, too. And you can hold it in one hand.

Customer: After your promotion, I feel that the iPad mini is a fantastic tablet. May I make an order for an iPad mini now?


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading Dramatically (Victoria and PL)



Research Professor:
Professor Lee was desperate. He needed more manpower in the Radiation Laboratory. And he needed a very experienced assistant indeed. The so-called mad scientist stormed down the whitewashed corridor, the heels of his polished shoes tapping against the marble floor, till he eventually found his boss. “Sir, unfortunately, I need more experienced assistants! The ones we have are like bulls in a china shop! It’s just unacceptable!” 

The man towering over him looked at the Professor in doubt. He tried to explain when the Professor rudely interrupted him. 

“Boss. Look. This research would definitely pay off somehow and it would be eventually all worth it! The calculations and predictions are an exact spot on!” The Professor squabbled enthusiastically to his superior. “I only need 2 more assistants!” He emphasized specifically on ‘2’. The burly man however, wasn’t convinced and was hesitant to give an answer to the pesky researcher. “Please? It’s just 2 more. We’re already getting a lead in the research. We have found things, clues and evidence that no one has ever found! We’re getting closer. I can feel it in my veins! It’ll pay off! We’ll be famous!” He asked once more. Exasperated, his boss had no choice but to agree to his request, praying that it was worth it. The Professor stumbled away to his laboratory in glee as he left his boss wondering about the near-exploding budget. 

Reading dramatically ( Chin Ning & Siting )

10. Wife, scenario: Scolding her husband for squandering their savings away by gambling.

Hello my name is Siting from 107 and I’ll be acting as the husband
And My name is Chin Ning from 107 acting as the wife

Husband: Err... Can I have more money?

Wife: Where is your money going to? I already gave you $700 for the week! Is it to gamble? I do not understand why gambling is so important to you! When you first started, you told me it was a hobby and convinced me you were winning money back! So explain to me why the money in our savings account is getting lower and lower as the days pass by?

Husband: But I did earn some money back! It’s just that I spend it before you know about it

Wife:You should not even be spending the money first! I am painstakingly saving up our money, and you are here gambling and wasting them all away day by day! Money doesn't grow on trees or walk toward you! Not just that, the economy is not doing well. Before you are left on the streets begging for money, you had better start working.

Husband: I have been trying to look for a job too! Everyday without fail, I will go out and look for at least one new job. No one has been willing to offer me one! I am trying okay?

Wife: The reason for that is because you do not really work hard in order to get a job! They think that you are not a good worker and that you are stupid!

Husband: I am not stupid!

Wife: Yes you are. You better get a job soon before we have to borrow more money from our neighbours and relatives and that is not going to help us in any way!  We have already borrowed so much without returning! They are getting angry you know! I also want you to cut this habit of gambling, do not try to tell me whatever you used to say for the past 2 years.

Husband: Aren’t you already working enough to pay off our debts? All my friends are not working and only their wifes are! I don’t see them begging in the streets or borrowing money!

Wife: You only know how to copy your friends and tell me about them! But right now, the thing is that your friends are all from a rich family! Unlike us who came from a poor family! We are the ones who need to really work hard in order to support our living!

Husband: They also...

Wife: See! See! This is unacceptable!  I have given you enough chances and I think it is time you really mean what you say and turn over a new leaf. If not, I will lock you in the house, and you will never see a gambling table ever again!

Husband: Okay fine! Whatever!
Characters: Research professor, Boss
Ravern: This scenario is about the research professor asking the boss for funds to recruit two new research assistants.

Professor: Sir, I need the funds. We need two more recruits to complete the project. There has been a new development.
Boss: No. We have a budget and we must stick to it.
Professor: But if we recruit two new assistants, we might find a new breakthrough and get a higher budget. I understand that you like money and you like to save. However, we might profit more from this project if we recruit more people.
Boss: It is a huge risk to take. Let me give you an example: If this project fails, we may not even have the money to keep this place running. In fact, I may not even have enough money to lay you off. However, if we keep the money and continue what we are doing, we will continue to get we are getting now.
Professor: Can we reach a compromise? It is only fair since I have been yielding good results for you.
Boss: Yes. I will hire one more research assistant. But that is all you get.
Professor: It should be enough. Thank you.

Done By :Yadunand & Ravern

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Reading dramatically [ by seraphina and claire ]

Role: S&W teacher
Scenario: Lecturing students on the benefits of a new fitness programme in school.

Hi I’m seraphina from 107 and im playing the role as a student :3
hi  im claire from the same class and im playing the role as a teacher :]

student : Miss Lim, I heard that the school has a new fitness programme. How would we benefit from it? Will this programme help us to train for our upcoming napha test?

Teacher : This program was specially designed for students your age such that after the programme is over, you would not only be able to pass the six different stations easily, but you would also be fit enough to scale Mount Rinjani. Therefore killing two birds with one stone.

student : What are we going to do during the programme?

teacher : This is a secret because us teachers want to surprise our students. All I can tell you is that various activities have been planned and I am sure that it would send an adrenaline rush through your veins, considering that you are such an athletic student. I would expect high grades from your Napfa test considering the fact that it has worked for everyone in the previous batches. Strengthening arm muscles would be hard to achieve if your goal is not in your mind, and even more challenging without discipline. You would never achieve any good grades without those qualities. So this programme aims to train your mind to think big. big

student : Wow! This sounds really interesting and exciting! I can’t wait for the programme to start! I wonder what kind of cool and fun activities there are! I really hope after attending this programme, I would not only excel in my Napfa test, but also in my cca. I hope the programme starts really soon!

teacher : Good that you think of it that way. I hope that you would participate actively in the programme and may you excel in your napfa test and good luck scaling Mount Rinjani.

Information report presentation by Sandeep, Nimalan, Jian Qing and Walter

Here is the link for our presentation:
Information report

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Information Report by Lava Laviin,Kevyn the Derp,Taufiq,Yadunand

Click Below!

Information report powerpoint slide (Sean,Hng Anh,Bryan,Collin,Jer En)

This is the link to our information report :

Annotation of information report [ by Vanshiqa, Bhakti, Seraphina, Claire ]

The link to our annotation of information report : 


Presentation on Information Reports

This is the link to the presentation~

Rwoar:3 Our Presentation

Done by: Victoria, Pei Ling, Chin Ning and Siting

Monday, 8 July 2013

Research:Information reports by Yadunand and Walter

1.What are information reports?
An information report is a factual text, which means it provides information about something. An information report is used as a way to gain a better understanding about a living or non-living subject. 
2.Where are they commonly found/used?
They can be used just about anywhere to show facts.
3.The language features of information reports
•There must be an opening statement, a series of facts about various aspects of the subject, diagrams, photographs, illustrations and maps that may be used to enhance the text. A general statement can be used to round off the topic.
  • Nouns and noun phrases are used rather than personal pronouns. The use of personal pronouns is limited.
  • Most reports are written in the present tense.
  • Some reports use technical or scientific terms.
  • Linking verbs are used, eg. is, are, has, have, belong to, to give coherence.
  • Uses some action verbs (climb, eat).
  • Descriptive language is used that is factual rather than imaginative eg colour, shape, size, body parts, habits, behaviours, functions, uses.

Research: Information Report by Nimalan

What are information report?
An information report is a factual text(providing information about something). It uses facts to explain, gives details about the topic and does not contain personal views.

Where are they most commonly found/used?
They are used to give facts about something such as Cars, Ocean, trees, etc

The language features:
-factual description
-third person point of view
-technical language
-simple present tense
-general terms
-can contain pictures and maps

Research: Information Report(Sean and Hng Anh)

Information Reports
 An Information Report is a type of text that explains the different aspects of the subject. They are   commonly found in advertisements, factual reports, etc. It is passive, timeless or in present tense, uses formal and impersonal language and makes use of technical terms related to the subject.

Information Reports (Vanshiqa and Colin)

1)What are information reports?
    An information report is a factual text, which means it provides information about something.
2) Where are they commonly found?
     They are used in the result of an experiment, reports, investigations and inquiries.
3) The language features:
  -  Formal
  - Technical language
  - Present tense
  - Factual

Research: Information Reports (Done By: Sandeep and Jian Qing)

What is an information report?
An information report is a factual text which provides information. It is any informational work made with specific intention or relaying information or recounting some events.

Where are they commonly found?
They are usually found in scientific papers, annual reports, workplace reports, census reports, investigative reports, budget reports, policy reports and military reports. 

What are the language features?
Information reports use technical language.(eg. Geography terms: evaporation, water cycle, condensation, etc). It uses simple present tense(eg. Do you speak English? I play tennis. They use linking verbs(eg. made up of, consists of, caused by, etc).

Information Reports (Siting and Victoria)

What information reports are?
- They are reports used to forward raw information that are being collected by us to fulfill intelligence requirements.

Where are they commonly found?
- They are commonly found in factual texts, books

Some language features
- They are usually used formally and straightforward.
- They use simple present tense

Research: Information Reports by Bhakti and Seraphina

1. What are information reports?
An information report is a factual text, which means it has information so that the reader learns about a topic. The topic can be a thing, for example a horse, or a class of things, like animals. The thing does not need to be living. You might learn about cars, for example.

2. Where are they commonly found/used?
Information Reports can be found in reference books and factual texts and used in business and education.

3. The language features?
  • Technical language (eg, Geography terms: evaporation, condensation, etc.)
  • Simple present tense
  • linking verbs (eg, made up of, caused by, etc. )
  • generalized terms (eg, humans, plants, weather, etc.)

Source: http://www.skwirk.com/p-c_s-6_u-281_t-697_c-2620/information-report/nsw/english/text-types/text-types-1

Research : Information Reports (Kevyn & Bryan)

What are Information Reports?
An information report is a factual text, which means it provides information about a particular topic. An information report is used as a way to gain a better understanding about a living or non-living subject.

Where are they commonly found/used?
They are commonly found in reports talking about true information.

What are their language features?
- Uses timeless, present tense
- Often uses the passive voice
- Formal and Impersonal language

Research: Information Reports (Ravern and Laviin)

1) What are information reports?
Information reports are factual text types. They provide information on a specific topic. They provide reference for others through the text. They do not contain the opinions of the author.

2) Where are the information reports commonly used?
They can be used to write reference books for children or adults and also for reports on a country’s economic growth.

3) The language features:
  • formal
  • factual
  • straight-forward
introductory para.
body para.

Research: Information Report (PL and CN)

1. What are information reports?

 An information report is a factual text that is used as a way to gain a better understanding about a subject.

2. Where they are commonly found/used?

Reports are often used to display the result of an experiment, investigation, or inquiry. Reports are used in government, business, education, science, and other fields.

3. Language Features

 Technical language related to subject

• Formal and impersonal language
• Uses timeless, present tense e.g. Adelaide is popular with international students.
• Often uses the passive voice e.g. “are being created”
• Many “being” and “having” verbs