Thursday, 11 July 2013
Characters: Research professor, Boss
Ravern: This scenario is about the research professor asking the boss for funds to recruit two new research assistants.

Professor: Sir, I need the funds. We need two more recruits to complete the project. There has been a new development.
Boss: No. We have a budget and we must stick to it.
Professor: But if we recruit two new assistants, we might find a new breakthrough and get a higher budget. I understand that you like money and you like to save. However, we might profit more from this project if we recruit more people.
Boss: It is a huge risk to take. Let me give you an example: If this project fails, we may not even have the money to keep this place running. In fact, I may not even have enough money to lay you off. However, if we keep the money and continue what we are doing, we will continue to get we are getting now.
Professor: Can we reach a compromise? It is only fair since I have been yielding good results for you.
Boss: Yes. I will hire one more research assistant. But that is all you get.
Professor: It should be enough. Thank you.

Done By :Yadunand & Ravern