Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasion ( Bryan, Hng Anh and Jer En )

Bryan Chang :

I asked my parents to buy me a Xbox 360 for beating my brother's marks for PSLE. In the end, they did buy me an Xbox because I hit the goal.

Tactics :
It is a deal and it is against people's minds to break one. I gave reasons and used a persuasive voice.

Hng Anh :

I ask my parents to buy me a pair of new sports shoes so that I could wear them to school as my old pair of school shoes have worn out and was uncomfortable. My parents bought me a new pair of sports shoe when there was a sale at a shoe shop.

Tactics : I used a persuasive voice to convince them that I need the new pair shoes.

Jer En :

I asked my classmates to lend me money for my lunch.My friend gave in and lend me 5$

Tactics :I made a persuasive voice like i needed the money a lot.

Category :

Bryan : 1, 4

Hng Anh : 1

Jer En : 1

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