Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasion (PL, CN and Vic)


CN : Trade (others)
I had to make a ‘trade’ with my parents. There was once I wanted a piano, so it was my birthday and christmas present for the whole year.
Duration: 2 months

Vic: Promise
I promised my parents I would do well in my studies if only they bought me a new guitar.
Duration: 1 week

PL:  Deal

I wanted to go to a SHINee concert so my dad would pay for me first, and I told him if I got straight As and Distinction (HCL) for my results, I wouldn’t have to pay him back. But if I got something like B, I would have to pay him back the full sum. (I didn’t pay in the end xD)
Duration: 5 minutes

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