Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasion (Vanshiqa, Laviin, Colin)


  1. Emotional appeal
  2. Threat
  3. Promise
  4. Deal
  5. Others
Vanshiqa: Me and my sister wanted a bicycle each instead of sharing one. So I told my mother that if she would not buy us a separate bicycle we would fight over one cycle and break it (Threat). I also told her that my sister would use the cycle all the time and not let me ride it, so I would very sad (Emotional Appeal). So in the end, me and my sister promised that if she got us a bicycle each, we would not fight for a week and she agreed (Promise).

Colijn: I just told my mother about then new iPad and its features that are useful to me.(other: promote)
If I had the iPad I could improve on my studies.(Deal) She rejected.

Laviin: I wanted to watch the movie "the wolverine" for  my birthday. Hence, I used emotional appeal on my parents by saying it would be very significant as it was on my birthday. They accepted.

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