Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasions[Done by Ravern,Jian Qing and Taufiq]

Situation #1:Because of my PSLE results,I wanted a IPhone 4S.I tried to persuade my parents but it was unsuccessful.Thus, we reached a compromise and I got my father's old IPhone 3GS.I took 5 min.

Situation #2:Because of my mid-year exam marks,I persuaded my parent to buy for me a rubiks cube that costed $17.90.It took me about 3 days.

Situation #3:I wanted to buy a game.I made a promise with my parents saying that I will get the game if I get 250+ for my PSLE results.It was successful.It took me a few minutes after I got my PSLE score.

#2 belongs to the category Deal.
#3 belongs to the category, promise
#1 belongs the category, compromise.

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