Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuation (by: Siting, Claire, Bhakti and Seraphina)

  1. I was very keen in learning how to solve the rubik's cube and had to persuade my father to buy me one
  2. I promised him that I would work hard for my level tests and other exams if he got me a rubik's cube.'
  3. My father agreed within seconds because he believed that I would keep my word and work hard for the exams 
  4. Category: Promise
  1. I really wanted to have a new phone for my birthday so I tried to persuade my parents to buy me a new phone.
  2. I made a deal with them such that if I do well for my end-of-year exams, they will buy me a new phone.
  3. They agreed after going through consideration for a short while ~ :D
  4. Category: Deal

    1. I wanted to go for a badminton training so I tried to persuade my parents to let me go. They did not let me go at first because it was to far away.
    2. I promised them that i would not waste their money and work very hard for badminton.
    3. They agreed to me after a while, about 30 minutes. 
Category: Deal

  1. I was trying to persuade my mother to take my sister and I to a restaurant for lunch. 
  2. I told her how we did not have a good lunch for a long time together as a family, and that we only ate in a restaurant once in a while, therefore it was fine to spend some money that day. I also told her how hungry I was as it was after badminton training. 
  3. My mom said yes after we got out of the car. It took her about 15 minutes to agree.
  4. Category: Others

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