Monday, 22 July 2013

Persuasion Tactics ( Done by: Kevyn, Yadunand and Sandeep)

I was in Primary 5. My sister, when she was at my age, could use a phone. According to my mom, its purpose was solely for my sister to use at her tuition. But she treated it like her own and my mom said nothing. I mentioned it to my mom a lot of times and also asked for a phone myself but kept getting rejected. Even when I had tuition, my mom did not let me have a phone to bring around. After PSLE, my mom finally was willing to let me have a phone.

I was in Primary 6. I made a deal with my parents. If I hit 245 for my PSLE, I must get a Xbox 360. After a bit of persuasion, they agreed as I was aiming to beat my brothers PSLE marks. I got 246. In the end I got my Xbox 360.
Rhetorical Device used: Deal & persuasion

1)I was in primary 6.
2) I made a deal with my parents that if I got 255 and above, they would let me go to Universal Studios.
3) Fortunately, I got 257. As my parents had promised, I finally managed to go to Universal Studios.

Tactic Used: Deal

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