Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Reading dramatically [ by seraphina and claire ]

Role: S&W teacher
Scenario: Lecturing students on the benefits of a new fitness programme in school.

Hi I’m seraphina from 107 and im playing the role as a student :3
hi  im claire from the same class and im playing the role as a teacher :]

student : Miss Lim, I heard that the school has a new fitness programme. How would we benefit from it? Will this programme help us to train for our upcoming napha test?

Teacher : This program was specially designed for students your age such that after the programme is over, you would not only be able to pass the six different stations easily, but you would also be fit enough to scale Mount Rinjani. Therefore killing two birds with one stone.

student : What are we going to do during the programme?

teacher : This is a secret because us teachers want to surprise our students. All I can tell you is that various activities have been planned and I am sure that it would send an adrenaline rush through your veins, considering that you are such an athletic student. I would expect high grades from your Napfa test considering the fact that it has worked for everyone in the previous batches. Strengthening arm muscles would be hard to achieve if your goal is not in your mind, and even more challenging without discipline. You would never achieve any good grades without those qualities. So this programme aims to train your mind to think big. big

student : Wow! This sounds really interesting and exciting! I can’t wait for the programme to start! I wonder what kind of cool and fun activities there are! I really hope after attending this programme, I would not only excel in my Napfa test, but also in my cca. I hope the programme starts really soon!

teacher : Good that you think of it that way. I hope that you would participate actively in the programme and may you excel in your napfa test and good luck scaling Mount Rinjani.

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  1. 1. Attempt to be expressive can be seen but more effort is needed to make the reading really dramatic.

    2. Words need to be pronounced properly and articulated more clearly. Try to be slower than your current pace, especially the teacher. That should help.