Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading dramatically ( Chin Ning & Siting )

10. Wife, scenario: Scolding her husband for squandering their savings away by gambling.

Hello my name is Siting from 107 and I’ll be acting as the husband
And My name is Chin Ning from 107 acting as the wife

Husband: Err... Can I have more money?

Wife: Where is your money going to? I already gave you $700 for the week! Is it to gamble? I do not understand why gambling is so important to you! When you first started, you told me it was a hobby and convinced me you were winning money back! So explain to me why the money in our savings account is getting lower and lower as the days pass by?

Husband: But I did earn some money back! It’s just that I spend it before you know about it

Wife:You should not even be spending the money first! I am painstakingly saving up our money, and you are here gambling and wasting them all away day by day! Money doesn't grow on trees or walk toward you! Not just that, the economy is not doing well. Before you are left on the streets begging for money, you had better start working.

Husband: I have been trying to look for a job too! Everyday without fail, I will go out and look for at least one new job. No one has been willing to offer me one! I am trying okay?

Wife: The reason for that is because you do not really work hard in order to get a job! They think that you are not a good worker and that you are stupid!

Husband: I am not stupid!

Wife: Yes you are. You better get a job soon before we have to borrow more money from our neighbours and relatives and that is not going to help us in any way!  We have already borrowed so much without returning! They are getting angry you know! I also want you to cut this habit of gambling, do not try to tell me whatever you used to say for the past 2 years.

Husband: Aren’t you already working enough to pay off our debts? All my friends are not working and only their wifes are! I don’t see them begging in the streets or borrowing money!

Wife: You only know how to copy your friends and tell me about them! But right now, the thing is that your friends are all from a rich family! Unlike us who came from a poor family! We are the ones who need to really work hard in order to support our living!

Husband: They also...

Wife: See! See! This is unacceptable!  I have given you enough chances and I think it is time you really mean what you say and turn over a new leaf. If not, I will lock you in the house, and you will never see a gambling table ever again!

Husband: Okay fine! Whatever!

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  1. 1. Good expressions show an awareness of context and audience.

    2. Pronunciation needs to be less accented. Try to be slower and speak more clearly. That should help.