Friday, 12 July 2013

Reading Dramatically (Vanshiqa and Bhakti)

Scenario chosen: 4

Vanshiqa [Customer]
Bhakti [iPad seller]

The script:

Customer: So, what is so special about this iPad? Could you kindly explain the new features and the advantages of having one?

Seller: First of all, the iPad allows you to multitask and its features are also very good. Since it is has retina display, the pictures are also very clear because of that. It also has internet access and there are also a lot of applications that you can install.

Customer: I read from the Apple page. that there is also an iPad Mini which is smaller than the iPad and also has retina display. But is it true that the charger of the iPad mini is different from the iPad? It is the same one as the charger of the iphone 5 right?

Seller: Yes, there are different chargers for the iPad Mini and the iPad.The charger for the iPad Mini is called lightning and it is the same one as the iphone 5. So would you like to buy the iPad mini or iPad?

Customer: I think I’ll buy the iPad. Thank you for your help and the service. Goodbye

Seller: Thank you for purchasing at our store, have a nice day.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Clear pronunciation and articulation.
    2. Dramatic element is missing. You guys can be more expressive!