Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading Dramatically (Victoria and PL)



Research Professor:
Professor Lee was desperate. He needed more manpower in the Radiation Laboratory. And he needed a very experienced assistant indeed. The so-called mad scientist stormed down the whitewashed corridor, the heels of his polished shoes tapping against the marble floor, till he eventually found his boss. “Sir, unfortunately, I need more experienced assistants! The ones we have are like bulls in a china shop! It’s just unacceptable!” 

The man towering over him looked at the Professor in doubt. He tried to explain when the Professor rudely interrupted him. 

“Boss. Look. This research would definitely pay off somehow and it would be eventually all worth it! The calculations and predictions are an exact spot on!” The Professor squabbled enthusiastically to his superior. “I only need 2 more assistants!” He emphasized specifically on ‘2’. The burly man however, wasn’t convinced and was hesitant to give an answer to the pesky researcher. “Please? It’s just 2 more. We’re already getting a lead in the research. We have found things, clues and evidence that no one has ever found! We’re getting closer. I can feel it in my veins! It’ll pay off! We’ll be famous!” He asked once more. Exasperated, his boss had no choice but to agree to his request, praying that it was worth it. The Professor stumbled away to his laboratory in glee as he left his boss wondering about the near-exploding budget. 

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  1. 1. Attempt to use the right tones in order to be dramatic but more effort needed.

    2. Words need to be pronounced more clearly.