Sunday, 14 July 2013

Reading Dramatically by Taufiq and Kevyn

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Mr Bluffingman wants a repair.

Mr Bluffingman walked to an IT shop. He stomped his feet as he entered the store, face as red as a tomato. He wanted to repair his CPU using his warranty. He wanted to talk to the salesman, and there he was, behind the counter. He asked him right in the eyes

Mr Bluffingman “Can repair my CPU? I have my warranty card right here.”

Sales Rep “I’m sorry sir, but your warranty card has expired, so I can’t accept it. If you want to repair your CPU, you have to pay for it.”

Seeing that Mr Bluffing man was very angry, the Sales Representative called in the manager.

“Sir, Mr Bluffingman here, has a spoilt CPU and wants to use his expired warranty card to repair it.”

Manager “Sorry Mr Bluffingman. Your warranty card has expired. I’m afraid we can only repair if you pay us.”

Mr Bluffingman “FINE! WHATEVER!”

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