Wednesday, 14 August 2013

english performance task roles [ group 3]


Name/ Index No.
Job scope
Claire Tham (2)
planner, editor
Plans what happens in the video and the sequence of the video and edits parts of the script and the video if necessary
Bryan Chang (9)
speaker, scriptwriter
Writes the script that is to be used for the video and is the one who would be saying the main points in the video.
Chee Jer En (10)
Decides the time and places to meet and organises everything that is to be in the final submission. Ensures that everything is done on time
Sandeep (13)
In charge of filming the different parts of the video and piecing together the end product.


  1. What are the advertising techniques that will be incorporated in this task? State at least two of them.

         Bribery and bandwagon

  1. Why have we chosen these?

We have chosen bribery and bandwagon because the students would be more encouraged to take part if they know that there is a chance to win a prize and that they would be well known and popular for their talents.

Language Features

1)What are the language features that will be incorporated in this task? State all of them.

3rd person point of view
present tense
register : informal
tone : unbiased

2) Why have we chosen these?

The 3rd person point of view because this is an advertisement and it has to be present tense because the competition will be held in the future.

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