Monday, 26 August 2013

English performance task [ done by : sandeep, claire, bryan, jer en ]

Reflection Questions 
  1. What is the PACC of this task?

Purpose : The purpose of this task is to advertise SST’s Got Talent and to encourage students to take part.

Audience : The students of SST. 
Register : informal

Context : We are advertising to members of the student body to encourage talented schoolmates to participate in SST’s Got Talent. 

Content and culture : We are offering an ipad as it would appeal to the target audience whereby the ipad is a trendy device and the teenagers nowadays are greatly dependent on technology. 

  1. How can I contribute to the group? What are my strengths?

Claire : I am good at planning and I am able to delegate work to my team members and organize our ideas to come up with a concrete action plan.

Sandeep : I am able to come up with a concrete plan for the advertisement.and was the speaker for the video

Bryan : I am good at script writing and am able to write a good script that 

Jer En : I finished up the video and did the acts for the video

  1. How often can I meet to discuss with my groupmates? 

I can meet up with them at least once a week to plan the working procedures and to finish up certain sections of the project during each discussion.

  1. How can I ensure that every member’s idea is carefully considered prior to making a decision?

We can have everyone to share their opinion and then we can discuss the pros and cons of each suggestion and then reach a consensus. 


  1. What are the advertising techniques that will be incorporated in this task? State at least two of them.

         Bribery and bandwagon

  1. Why have we chosen these?

We have chosen bribery and bandwagon because the students would be more encouraged to take part if they know that there is a chance to win a prize and that they would be well known and popular for their talents.

Language Features

1)What are the language features that will be incorporated in this task? State all of them.

3rd person point of view
present tense
register : informal
tone : unbiased

2) Why have we chosen these?

The 3rd person point of view because this is an advertisement and it has to be present tense because the competition will be held in the future.

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